WE can make that teeth-gritting visible, 2022

Digital video. 24 minutes. Original language Spanish. English subtitles.16.9. Stereo sound. Color and black & white

We can make that teeth-gritting visible engages with the particularities of film formal vocabulary. Focusing on movement, cuts, divergent temporalities, fragmentary montage and fabricated moments of non-discursive signification. Re-working the idea that the documentary dispositive can take any form except that of a film genre tending to fixate meaning.
Departing from a wave of uprising in the the city of El Alto, Bolivia, between the years 2000 and 2019, the film focus on the usurpation and destruction of a police station. An action that was part of the peoples uprising against the Coup d’état perpetrated in Bolivian in 2019.
We can make that teeth-gritting visible weaves together archival images, data, judicial reports, news items, depiction of locations and a collective conversation with a neighbourhood association of EL Alto city. In which what is condemned as an act against law, can also turn out to be a space for learning. Thus a space appears in which subjectivity comes from below, from a place outside the institutions.